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Time is Flying

Wow, has it really been about 6 months since Norwescon? That seems almost crazy to me. It feels like it's been much longer. A lot has happened since then, almost all of it amazing.

Probably the most amazing thing that has happened has been with JJ, aka QBF. It's crazy how perfect things have been going with him. The sex is great, and a real emotional portion of our relationship is emerging. One of the most awesome (in my opinion) things is how much his wife likes me. It was even her idea to have me go to their house for the first time, while she was at work. It means so much to me that she likes me and doesn't view me as a threat at all.
Also, he wants to take me on our first real date. Or rather, he's making me go on our first date. I've been so scared that once we get out of the bedroom he will find me completely uninteresting, so I've been avoiding going out with him. But he's decided that it's time for us to take that step, so we're going to. I'm scared, but also happy. I guess he sees something in me that tells him he won't mind spending more time with me.

In other, non-relationship, related news: Dixie has been living with me for the last 2.5 months. At the end of this month he is moving out, because I'm growing a pair and putting my foot down. He was supposed to be out on the 5th of this month, but I was a sap and let him stay longer. I convinced myself it was for my own self-interest, but I know inside that it wasn't. Living with him hasn't been too bad, if he could pull his own weight around the house. He hasn't been paying rent (no job), and we had an agreement that he would clean in exchange for him living there, but he hardly has done that. Most days my house is messier when I get home than when I left in the morning, and he's sitting on his computer playing games or staring lifelessly at the TV. I can't stand that anymore. If he had pulled his weight I would probably have less of a problem letting him stay longer, but the fact of the matter is that it is hurting me more by him being at my house than it is nice.
And I'll admit, it has been nice.
After living alone for about three years I got really used to it, and really set in my ways. I didn't think I could live with someone else, I thought I would be way too crowded. But apparently I can live with someone! That is awesome to me.

I'm excited for the future.
I'm excited that things are looking less fuzzy.

I'm excited that I might finally be figuring things out.


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